Phu Pa Por

Phu Pa Por: Loei’s Mount Fuji

Phu Pa Por, often called Mount Fuji of Muang Loei, resembles Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji.

Phu Pa Por is about 20 kilometers from Nong Hin town and about 80 kilometers from Loei City.

A Sea of Fog and a View from Above

Phu Pa Por’s unique shape and the surrounding landscape offer a breathtaking view, especially during the sea of fog that often envelops the area.

Visitors can experience this natural wonder at an elevation of 900 meters above sea level, where the horizon stretches into a canvas of rolling hills and lush greenery.

The Journey to the Summit

The journey to Phu Pa Por is an adventure in itself.

Travelers go to the visitor center at the base and take a local tractor, known as a ‘Tak Tak,’ to ascend the mountain.

This ride not only adds to the authenticity of the experience but also provides an opportunity to engage with the local community.

Embracing the Panoramic Beauty

At the summit, you get an unobstructed view of the landscape.

The mountain is a popular spot for witnessing both the sunrise and sunset, painting the sky with vibrant hues that reflect off the misty terrain.

Beyond the Mountain’s Peak

Phu Pa Por is surrounded by other attractions, such as the Suan Hin Pha Ngam, a beautiful mountain range, and the Phiang Din Waterfall, offering a refreshing retreat from the climb.

Local Delights

The region also boasts a small strawberry farm near the visitor center, where families can enjoy the simple pleasure of picking fresh strawberries. 

Phu Pa Por Gallery


As the panoramic views unfold, it’s clear why Phu Pa Por is a cherished destination. It’s a place where nature’s beauty is displayed, inviting travelers to pause, reflect, and appreciate the view.

Whether you’re a hiker, a nature lover, or searching for tranquility, Phu Pa Por offers a unique blend of natural and cultural charm. 

If you ever find yourself in Loei, add Phu Pa Por to your itinerary. 

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